Children's Art Classes in Richmond, VA

Art Classes for Kids in Richmond, VA

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The arts are what make our world so special. It is important for arts to be included in every child's education because it teaches them about themselves and the people around them. Art classes encourage kids to think outside of the box, use their imagination, and discover their inner artists! Art classes also help develop a child’s fine arts skills, which is a critical part of a well-rounded education.

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Give Your Child The Gift of Art

Art is a form of expression that can be used to express our own selves. Whether your child may or may not be born with artistic talent, we at Children's Art Classes Richmond, VA will do our best to shape their skills for the better and help them become true artists in life!

Art classes not only provide children with a safe place to explore their creative side but also give them an opportunity for social development, emotional growth, and learning new things. Not to mention the other essential benefits like cultivating fine motor skills or developing muscle control needed in order to create artworks that are both beautiful as well functional!

Our Programs Are Created to Enhance Your Child's Skills in Arts

In art classes, kids would also learn skills such as design, drawing, painting, sculpting, and much more. These art classes are developed to engage children and allow them to express themselves through art.

One way to help your child develop skills in the arts is by taking them to an art studio out of their regular classes and enrolling them into art-specific courses. This will allow individual attention and more efficient skill development, which can be useful when it comes time to apply these learned lessons at school, competitions, or in overall aspects of life.

There are many arts organizations here in Richmond, VA, and Children's Art Classes is one of them that offers art classes specifically for kids. Our arts programs have highly trained instructors who create a safe space for kids to explore their creativity.

Children’s Art Classes is the perfect place to find your child their next artistic endeavor. We offer nine-month programs that include painting, ceramics, design-related, and drawing classes as well as printmaking and sculpture courses for kids from ages 3-9 years and up!

Our Programs Are Designed to Meet Your Child's Needs

Our programs and workshops are made to help your kids develop strong skills in the arts. We offer a variety of options, tailored for specific age groups and skill levels so that you can find one suited just right!

Children's Art Classes provide opportunities as well for growth through education on art forms with guidance from our trained instructors who provide education and assistance allowing children to explore their creativity without judgment all leading up to creating something beautiful accomplishments!

Your child will have the opportunity to learn about different techniques and develop new skills in art as they progress.

The Best Art Classes Richmond, VA for Kids

Discover the programs or classes we offer to help your child succeed!

Tiny Hands

Art is a great way for children to express themselves and explore different creative mediums. This class provides an opportunity at very young ages (3 & 4 years old) to explore and express themselves through art activities.

Introduction to Art

The young students (5 & 6 years old) in this class will learn to use art tools and develop basic fundamental skills. They'll be introduced to various media that are sure to become their favorite pastime!

Beginning Art

This class has been developed to start shaping the young students' (kids aged 6 & 7 years old) skills in arts. The instructor will provide students with a variety of art materials and then guide them through various projects that help build confidence and creativity with fun!

Art 1 - Art 4

This class has been developed over many years. The purpose of these activities is to maximize your child's art interest and keep it alive in their mind, body & soul through continuous development in different creative arts activities. These stages are aimed to build portfolios for your child's art education. Through this comprehensive curriculum, your child has the opportunity to work in over 40 areas of art such as the following examples;

- Charcoal Drawing

- Ebony Pencil Drawing

- Watercolors

- Design

- Clay

- Painting

- India Ink

- Printmaking

- Scratchboard Art

- Gouache

- Cast Paper

- Sculpture

- Acrylics

- Graphic Arts

- Pastel

Home School

Our homeschool program is the same as what we offer for our young students in classes; Beginning, Art 1, and up.

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Learning Art is Fun! Join us at Children's Arts Classes today.

While our goal is to help children develop their artistic skills, we also help them grow and develop into the arts while also having fun learning about different cultures around them. Children's Art Classes in Glen Allen, VA provides a fun way to learn while having fun! Our students are doing really well and they're having the best time in their classes. You may want to check our gallery.

Arts are important for children because not only does it help them build positive relationships with each other which will encourage collaboration, but it also helps them gain the skills to be successful in school.

For example, arts are commonly used as a teaching tool for math and science! Children who are involved early with arts are more likely to do better in school. When children attend arts programs they help them form new friendships, improve their self-esteem, solve problems quickly, develop empathy, and enhance fine arts skills.

If your child's school does not offer art classes, Children's Art Classes in Richmond, VA can help! Call us today to learn how arts and crafts can help your kid grow.

Get your children involved with arts, it will be one of the best decisions you ever made as a parent!

We're accepting registrations from the locations below and their surrounding areas!

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What They’re Saying

My daughter and I took the Art 1 class together. I was very impressed with the organization and structure of the classes. As a 20 year Duval County public school teacher, I recognize outstanding teaching when I see it. Children’s Art Classes is the best!!The amount of high quality work produced was amazing. We also learned a great deal about art and had a wonderful time. We’re going to take Art II next year.

Stacy F.
 Wednesday, June 02, 2021

I’m so glad we found you. Mariah has really enjoyed the variety of art projects.

Nancy D.
 Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Christopher loves art class. He is always happy when I pick him up from school and tell him it’s art class day!

Nicole H.
 Friday, May 28, 2021

I have no doubt that the weekly art class positively influenced Mackenzie’s academic year. Her teachers noticed a remarkable improvement over the course of the year, particularly in her creative writing.

Christy C.
 Saturday, May 15, 2021

This class has been a great and nurturing experience for my daughter! She just loves art and this class has given her the opportunity to develop that passion as her art skills. She has gained in confidence and is very motivated to explore and learn all about the visual arts. She loves her classes and her sweet teacher! Thank you for your professionalism, your kindness and your excellent work!

Marielys V.
 Sunday, May 02, 2021

My daughter loved the art classes!

Sarah F.
 Monday, April 12, 2021

My daughter Nishika was in beginner’s class and she loved it from day one.

Shilpa P.
 Monday, April 12, 2021

Kenny was born with artistic talent, but these classes have taken that talent to a higher level. He took Art 1 last year, and just completed Art 2. He absolutely loves these classes! We plan on continuing with Art 3 next year. He is building a BEATIFUL portfolio. I really appreciate his teachers!

Beth T.
 Thursday, April 08, 2021

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