About Us


Founded in 1997, CAC – Children’s Art Classes is a leading provider of art education and enrichment programs for kids of all ages.

Our Philosophy

Providing a comprehensive art education program that enriches the lives, raises the self esteem and improves the academic performance of our students.

Our Curriculum

Developed and refined over 20 years, our students are provided with a structured program covering nearly all art mediums. Our program has proven results with  many honor students graduating from our programs, several having earned art scholarships and many participating in leading art shows.

Stephanie Larsen has studied art at the University of Colorado, at Boulder. Her emphasis in art is charcoal and pencil drawing. Stephanie has had the opportunity to work closely with the Founder of Children’s Art Classes, and has participated in the overall development of the Children’s Art Classes’ four year curriculum.

As the President of CAC – Children’s Art Classes Stephanie leads all aspects of Franchisee training and support.  From initial business planning, to site selection, marketing and launch plan, Stephanie has personally executed each and will help drive your long term success.

Barbara Gay is a certified art teacher with over 25 years experience. She earned her degree in art education at the University of Wisconsin. Barbara has developed and implemented an in depth art curriculum for children that has gained much recognition in the Southwest over the past two decades. Her philosophy of art education focuses on building her students’ self-esteem through public recognition of their achievements. “The proof is in the pudding!” has been her motto. And…Teaching is Her Passion!

Barbara developed and continues to refine our curriculum and training program.  She is responsible for instructor training and mentoring.

Camie Warner is a student at Savannah College of Art Design, majoring in art history with a minor in painting. She started attending Children’s Art Classes when she was 8 years old and was a student here for 10 years. Camie’s portfolio consists of many acrylic paintings of polar bears, often accompanied by glitter. Another muse of hers is rats, because she has 5 pet rats of her own.

Camie is passionate about childcare and has many years of experience in preschool education and nannying. Her dream job was always to be an art teacher— so she’s grateful to be living her dream at the studio that sparked that aspiration.