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Comprehensive, studio-based art programs that build confidence.

Children require an outlet for their creativity to help them grow and thrive. Art programs for kids offer an excellent opportunity to find a new hobby and enrich your child’s life. Children’s Art Classes services families near Brownsburg, IN; Geneva, IL; Richmond, VA; and Jacksonville, Jupiter, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Royal Palm Beach, FL. When enrolling your child in art classes for kids, they will get exposure to various mediums, allowing them to find an art style they enjoy for a lifetime hobby.

Every child needs an outlet for art and community.

For years, school art programs have suffered from budget cuts and lacked the resources to give our kids the outlet for art they need. We created Children’s Art Classes to teach kids the foundations of art and build their confidence.

Our comprehensive curriculum grows with your child year after year, connecting them with peers, raising self-esteem, improving academic performance, and recognizing their talents. Empower your child with the gift of art.

Give the Gift of Art to Your Child

Kids’ art classes are ideal for helping children explore their creativity and find outlets for their creative energy. Many children love coloring and other primary art forms. Children’s Art Classes open the door to new experiences and introduce them to more than 40 art techniques. Many students find something they love to do that sticks with them for a lifetime. Art is a therapeutic outlet for emotions to help your child find productive ways to express themselves and handle varying emotions. They will develop new friendships along with art skills, making our art programs for kids an excellent solution for many children. We invite you to check out our art classes for kids close to Brownsburg, IN; Geneva, IL; Richmond, VA; and Jacksonville, Jupiter, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Royal Palm Beach, FL. We’re sure your child will grow and thrive in our kids’ art classes.

Art Classes For Kids
CAC Build Confidence

Build their confidence through the love of art.

During our nine-month programs, kids have the opportunity to develop their skills in over 40 areas of art. But that’s just the beginning. When you enroll your child in Children’s Art Classes, the benefits extend far outside our studio. We promote success for our students in many ways:

  • Kids enrolled in Children’s Art Classes become more engaged at school.
  • Our students see improved grades and school performance.
  • They have a 100% graduation rate.
  • Classes give a therapeutic outlet for emotions and difficult life challenges.
  • Kids gain self-confidence and achieve recognition for their hard work.
  • They join a community, develop friendships and feel comfortable in themselves.
  • Students develop their art skills, receive art scholarships or pursue higher education in art.
  • We promote art for life, providing students an outlet for future art business ownership or careers.

How It Works

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They grow their art skills and confidence… You frame their masterpieces!

Art Programs For Kids

Why Children’s Art Classes?

We believe every child deserves a program to build their self-esteem through their love of art—to teach them the foundations, give them the proper tools, connect them with their peers, and allow them to achieve recognition through their hard work.

Children’s Art Classes was established in 1997. Barbara Gay, the founder of Children’s Art Classes, needed to supplement her teaching income to provide for her girls. She developed the curriculum, using her 30 plus years of teaching art in the public schools, and began teaching out of her garage. The need for art beyond school walls was tremendous! Now, almost 25 years later, Children’s Art Classes has expanded to over a dozen locations and counting. We have brought our curriculum of over 40 areas of art to thousands of children across the country.

Client Testimonials

"Bailey would not be in art school today if he had not attended classes with you for those 6 years. You instilled confidence and creativity in Bailey. It is his art portfolio that he built through you that got him there!! I don't know how we can ever repay you!"  -Teri Wesselman

Student working on photo montage

Parent Testimonial

My daughter (9) has benefitted from both the homeschool art class and the summer camp programming. Lots of work on building technique in a creative, supportive environment. She has enjoyed the range of projects--clay, pencil, and pastels so far. Thank you!

Rachel M.

If you are looking for a place for your child to learn the fundamentals of art in a way they can understand - this is the right place. Ms. Barbara and Stephanie have spent their lives creating art and they are really knowledgeable. The end of the year art show is very spectacular I always wonder how they put it on. Every kid is beaming that night as they can show their family and friends the hard work they put in throughout the year.


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